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Messano Dog Bed - Standard or Made-To-Measure Available

We have developed a range of 'trampoline' style dog beds. They are constructed from very robust 10 SWG, 1 3/8" aluminum tubing, galvanised malleable iron brackets, 610 gsm PVC Polyester sheet and vinyl tubing caps to protect the floor from the feet.

Standard 1-dog bed in emerald green

The components have been adapted from materials used for fabricating handrails on steps, balconies etc. and are therefore very robust and hard wearing. The PVC polyester is a similar material used for truck canopies, awning mudwalls, tarpaulins etc and is machined with tough polyester thread.

The beds can be used indoors or outdoors as the materials are corrosion & rot-resistant, they can be hosed down when muddy, or simply wiped with a damp cloth. Although they are not chew-proof, for all but the most determined chewers, the hard aluminum under the fabric seems to put them off chewing.

Enjoying the sun on Messano custom beds
Three into one will go!

The aluminum tubing is secured into the brackets by means of hexagon socket screws (see photo), these
are locked with the hexagon key supplied with the bed and should only need to be checked for tightness occasionally, especially if your dogs use the beds as a trampoline launchpad!
The frame also needs to be dismantled when replacing a cover.

Detail of bracket
Detail of corner post
Detail of leg and cap

We have had our first bed on test since May 2006, and although the puppy has had a few nibbles, the frame has been too tough for her to do any damage to date.

The beds are available in a range of standard sizes, to suit one, two or even three Golden Retrievers. A three-dog version has been known to accommodate four adults quite comfortably!

Our prototype Standard '1-dog' bed in blue


The range of sizes that we have developed so far are as follows:-

Standard (1-dog) - Approximately 1150 (L) x 720 (W) x 200 (H) - Price 100.00 GBP (spare cover 28.00)

Large (2-dog) - Approximately 1450 (L) x 720 (W) x 200 (H) - Price 110.00 GBP (spare cover 34.00)

Extra-Large (3-dog) - Approximately 1750 (L) x 720 (W) x 200 (H) - Price 120.00 GBP (spare cover 36.00)

The beds are available in two colours as standard, mid blue or emerald green. Other colours can be obtained to order, but there will be a surcharge of 6.00 due to the special order requirement of our material supplier. The other colours available are:- red, yellow, orange, grey, black, brown, white

We can also make any size bed, up to approximately 1.8 metres long x 1.2 metres wide, as a made-to-measure service. The price for these will be dependent on the amount of material required. We charge the same cost for making any size bed, the difference in price is based on the material used. The standard bed only uses 1 width of fabric, the large and extra-large require 2 widths.


Sample swatches of the PVC fabric in the two standard colours are available on request.
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We require approximately 2-3 weeks from order to produce the beds. This will vary with the availability of materials and the quantity of orders on hand. Lead time will be confirmed when the order is placed.


We can arrange to deliver the beds to dog show venues, they can be collected, or if required they can be dismantled for delivery by parcel post. The cost for mail delivery will be 'at-cost' (a standard or large bed costs around 14.00 GBP to send by insured courier. Delivery to shows that we are attending will be free.


Payment can be by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Credit card payments via Paypal can also be used, but there will be a 4% surcharge if this method of payment is chosen. A deposit of 20.00 will be required with the order.


To place an order for a dog bed, please advise us of the size and colour of the bed. If you would like a quotation for a custom-made bed, please advise Length x Width x Height. Please contact us by the following methods:-

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Enquiries from overseas welcome.

Click here for a PDF bed assembly guide

Terms & conditions

All products remain the property of Messano until paid for in full.

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. All beds are supplied with a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Unfortunately carriage charges are not included in this guarantee. If you need to return a bed to us for any reason, please contact us first to arrange a refund. For your own security, if returning a bed by mail, please ensure that it is despatched using a tracked and insured method of delivery.

All our beds are guaranteed for 12-months for material defects and workmanship. Unfortunately the fabric cannot be guaranteed chew-proof, so this damage is excluded from the warranty.

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