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Microchipping Service
Microchip scanner and insertion gun

Julie has been on a professional microchipping course and is a fully-trained & insured micro-chipper. She has chipped several hundred dogs & puppies since commencing microchipping in 2004.

All Messano dogs and puppies are micro-chipped, as we believe that all dogs should have a permanant form of identification.

The reason for this is that it is easy for a dog's tag to become detached from its collar if it becomes lost but the microchip is permanant and reliable. Another more important reason for microchipping is that your details are linked to the chip and should your dog be lost or stolen, it is evidence of your ownership that would be very hard to dispute legally.
Remember; if a dog goes missing and is picked up by the authorities (dog warden, police, animal rescue etc.), after 7 days without being reclaimed ,the dog becomes their legal property. The microchip could be the only means of being reunited with your beloved pet.
A microchip is not designed to replace a collar tag, it is still a legal requirement in the UK to display an owners name and address on a tag, it is an additional security should your dog become lost or stolen.

The Product

The chips that Julie uses are 'Pet ID' microchips, which are all compliant with ISO international standards and can be read with any ISO compatible scanner (almost all scanners available in the market).
The details of each microchip are recorded with 'Petlog', which is the register known to all Rescue Organisations, Dog Wardens, Veterinary Practices, Police etc. and ensures a speedy return should your dog be found.
A collar tag drawing attention to the fact that the dog is registered with Pet Log, and the contact telephone number of the organisation is supplied with each chip.

The Service

Julie will microchip single dogs, multiple dogs and litters of puppies of any breed.

The current cost is 15.00 per dog.

Litters of puppies can also be microchipped for 15.00 per puppy; discounts possible for large litters, please ask at time of booking.

The above costs apply to dogs chipped at our premises, a home-visit service is also available in a radius of 75 miles from our premises, at a cost of 0.25 per mile to cover fuel costs. It is also possible to microchip by arrangement at a dog show, the cost for this is the same as charged for chipping at our premises.

Contact Details

If you would like to book an appointment for a single dog, or group of dogs or arrange for a litter to be microchipped, please contact Julie by the following methods:-

E-mail:- seamons@messano.co.uk

Telephone:- 01986 894627

Mrs Julie Seamons,
Messano Golden Retrievers,
Broome, Bungay, Suffolk
NR35 2PE