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A Tribute To Otis (Messano Otis Redding JW)
06/09/2004 - 07/04/2012

On Saturday 7th April, we received the devastating news that Otis had died very suddenly, a victim of the dreaded bloat. This is our tribute to him.........

A stunning puppy at 6 weeks, Otis was booked to go overseas to a show home. Not totally happy with the home we cancelled and offered him to the Sewell family - one of the best decisions we have ever made.

He soon settled in, although obviously not impressed at having to have a bath.

Looking angelic.

Opening one of his Christmas presents.

Best friends.


Otis grew up with the children and we often said he thought he was one. Here he is ready for the beach!

Really not sure about this look!

Yes, Otis IS in the rabbit hutch with the rabbit.

He thought all the children's toys were for him too.

Lord of all he surveys.


Such a beautiful expression.

The mucky pup look.

Bandit from our "L" litter came back to us following the sad death of his owner. He went to live with Otis and the two became great friends.

Lou and Otis at Crufts 2008

Enjoying the snow in 2010.

Otis the show dog - owned jointly with Lou, it was a true partnership. Lou had the unenviable job of getting his glamorous coat ready, I just got to do the fun bit!
Known for being a bit of a clown sometimes, he was never the less a real showman with fabulous movement and gained his JW with ease.

Taken far too young and without the chance to say goodbye, Otis has left a huge hole in the hearts of all who loved him, but we also have so many, many happy memories that will in time make us laugh again.

He also leaves behind some wonderful offspring, including his son Dudley who lives with Lou's parents.

Our thanks go to Lou, Lacey, Hollie and Jake for giving Otis the best life he could possibly have wished for.

He may be gone but he will never, ever be forgotten.

Sleep tight Otis xxx