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6 week old puppies eating chicken wings

Our dogs are fed a natural diet based on Ian Billinghurst's book - 'Give Your Dog A Bone '. We changed from feeding a complete food to this method several years ago.
We believe that our method of feeding raw, meaty bones and vegetables closely replicates the diet of wild dogs and wolves and complements their digestive system.
We encourage the owners of our puppies to continue feeding this diet when they are taken to their new homes.
Other advantages to feeding a natural diet are that as well as being very healthy, it costs very little and has the added advantages of keeping the dogs teeth sparkling white! Dogs fed in this way rarely suffer from stomach upsets and fussy eaters are unheard of.
We are always pleased to discuss natural feeding with anyone who is interested and would welcome any questions by email or phone.

Click on the following link for FAQ's on the BARF diet, it should address any worries that you may have concerning switching to BARF. We are all worried when trying something new and different! http://www.njboxers.com/faqs.htm

For an example of a natural diet for an adult, please click here

For an example on a natural diet for a puppy, please click here

Anyone who is interested in raw feeding but would like some further background reading, we recommend the Tom Lonsdale book below that we supply in our puppy pack:-